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06-04-12:  "Karen is full of energy and truly enjoys her work. She is obviously very committed to improving her talent and will work with you to get the job done. She does great female voices as well."  Kelsey Williams, Monarch Media

04/11/12:  "Karen nailed it on the first try. Right on time too. Her voice over will bring our animation to life!"  Carl Puccio, VP Learning Design and Development at Alpine Access 

11/28/11:  "Karen did a great job voicing "Mrs. Claus" for us for our holiday spot for Red Sox. Would definitely work with her again, her recording was turned around quickly and she had a great professional demeanor and perfect voice for our spot. Thanks Karen!!!"  Daniel Rucci, Producer, Director CTP Boston

09/07/11:  “Working with Karen was an absolute pleasure. Although she never got the script before the session, she nailed it on first or second take. She is extremely professional, punctual, and responsible. Will most certainly work with her in future projects.”  Meital Hayun Soulam, www.tiniez.com

02/2011:  “Karen was highly professional and a pleasure to work with. She completed each task presented in a timely manner. She was attentive to the client's needs and delivered.”  Keila Stevens, Aptara Corp.

2010:  “Karen is a GREAT voice over artist! She's a brilliant actress, a wonderful person and very creative. She will certainly find the right voice in her head to suit your project. We love working with her.”  Dustin Ebaugh, TVandRadioVoices.com, Inc.

10/29/09:  “Karen is the ultimate professional, and absolutely fantastic to work with :o)”  Rick Roane, Cherry Hill Publishing

10/27/09:  “Karen has a pleasant and professional voice that I would recommend for anything from reading a eBook to commercial voice-over work to recording a company's voicemail system.  She has always been a pleasure to work with!”  Michael Hanley, Managing Partner, Merl & Hanley, LLP

10/2009:  Hi Karen, Your files landed okay...I have to say, you have a remarkably pretty voice....It would be great if you could craft a bio that we can use on the website and other marketing material....  Needless to say, Karen, this has gone extremely well, working with you.  We are lining up another project that will be done in a similar group-collaborative fashion...Do you think you might be interested in participating in that?...We would love to have you :o)    Rick Roane, Cherry Hill Publishing

09/2009:  “Karen has done great jobs for me in the past. Very professional and really cares about the client and the product/service she provides. I look forward to working with Karen in the future.”  Michael Habashy, Pick-a-ride.com

01/2009:  Thanks, Karen.  It's nice working with you.  You are fast, prompt, accurate, and made good suggestions....Jen (Jennifer Louey, American Pegasus)

2007:  Fast and Focused voice-imagery! From the cool, real read to the energized hard sell! Great range! (Bob Worthington Voice-Overs)

2/2007I had the pleasure of meeting Karen at the 2007 International Toy Fair in New York City.  She had a booth and was pushing the wares of Smart Neurons.  I was traipsing about, hoping to land a lucrative licensing deal for my invention, The Macrobat, which I was energetically manipulating as I passed from one booth to the many thousands to follow.  Karen's smiling face and curiosity about my toy led to our interchange.

After she put the Macrobat through its motions, I inquired about her own work.  She proceeded to articulate some of her "voices."  She is a master of capturing the emotion of the character she is portraying.  She spoke in a voice which portrayed the deep concern of a mother for the welfare and well-being of her child.  It was a voice which brought out the depth of the heart involved.  I was moved to tears. 

Then she showed me other emotions through her voice.  I was left in awe of Karen's skill to be in tune with deep emotions and to express them through the instrument of her voice.  In fact she opened my eyes to the artistic ability to identify and express the heartfelt emotions with which humans can be filled. 
Thank you Karen.  (Timothy Cox, Inventor)

2006:  “Karen is an extraordinary voice over talent. Her unique sound breaks through the clutter of mundane voices on the air today. Karen's voice has helped our clients build their brands.”  Stephen Meyers

9/5/05:  Karen, Greetings.  Thank you for your interest in our production of Tigers' Quest.  Both your reads were excellent.  We will be making casting decisions after auditions close on the 5th  Best, Lighthope (Everlasting Films)

8/14/05:   Hello, Karen.  I enjoyed meeting and working with you on Court TV.  After visiting your website, it was apparent why Bill called you "the professional".  You REALLY are a "professional" voice over artist.  Very rarely do I encounter people with your level of experience... Take care.  Ron  (fellow actor)

7/29/05:  Hi, Karen.  Very nice.  We would be pleased to pass the character samples on to our director for consideration....other opportunities might lie ahead.  Thanks for your interest.  You're very good.  Mmv (Rodney Jay Vessels)

7/31/05:  Dear Karen, We had dozens of voice over applicants for female artist, even some men.  You came in #1 in the eyes of our producer and director, Moroni Taylor. We would be pleased to have your services as outlined in our ad....Moroni is a story artist and animator.  He's done great work in such classics as "The Iron Giant" and "Ice Age", and the less classic "Jimmy Neutron" and "Robots"...  What we have in mind for the "Fun for the Young" website...(you would provide adult female character voices) is the creation of "sneak previews" or "trailers" or animated story boards for each of the cartoons we are planning ....Best regards, Rodney Jay Vessels, Co-Producer and writer

7/8/05:  Hi Karen- We would be interested in using your Anna voice in the K-4 CD Project we are working on....Thanks for your interest.  Kathy Ladner

7/13/05:  Your voices were great!!!  Kathy Ladner, USGS-National Wetlands Research Center

2/8/05:  Karen:  Hello.  Hope all is well.  We just finished reviewing all the voices.  Your voice came up at the top.  Everyone liked the way you narrated the paragraph.  We are looking for the same style of narration for the entire work.  Sapna Ganeshan, Jupiter Creative Services.

2/9/05:  Karen:  We are very excited and are looking forward to working with you.  Sincerely, Sapna

2/22/05:  Karen:  Jay received the files that you sent us and I listened to most of them.  The dialogues are great - Thanks so much for bringing versatility to all the different voices.  Great job overall!!   Sapna

2/23/05:  Thanks Karen - you are great with the voices for the characters!  Sapna

2/28/05:  Karen:  By the way, we sampled many of the pieces that you sent us and the team unanimously used terms like 'Fantastic' and 'Terrific' for the different voices that you had used!  Thanks so much for doing such a fabulous job.

By the way, have you thought of advertising your services on www.elance.com - many of our other vendors are from this system.  This system allows the client to rate the services.  We would have given you 5 out of 5 on everything.  If you think of getting on this system, we can assign this project to the system and we can give you a perfect 5.  That might help you get more clients in the future through Elance.  This was just a thought in case you want to pursue - we were thinking about how it is that we can publicly acknowledge your talents in a manner where it will be more beneficial to you.  Thanks!  Sapna

3/7/05:  Karen:  Thanks so much - the voices as always sound fantastic!  This meeting is one meeting where the team does not grumble to attend.  They love your narration!  Sapna

3/21/05:  Karen:  The introduction VO files are great!  Thanks so much - I am sure that they will make it so much more meaningful to our 'lil clients.  Sapna Ganeshan

2/2/05:  Karen:  You nailed the audition.  You should be doing national commercials!  Chris Kozak, Kozak Commercials Inc. (telephonic testimonial)

2004:  "I had the pleasure of hiring Karen to play one of the voices in my animated short I completed during my final year at the School of Visual Arts.  She was a pleasure to work with, and very talented in that she was able to showcase a variety of character voices with ease."  Dan Forgione 

9/22/04:  Hi Karen:  Thank you so much for doing your job so well.  You are indeed a pro.  I look forward to working with you again soon.  Rich

10/01/04:  Hi Karen:  Good news, client loved our on hold message.  Thanks again, couldn't do it without you.  Have a great weekend.  Richard Bianco, On Air Productions

11/27/04:  Karen:  Very impressed with your take of this script.  You definitely have the right idea!  Thanks, Rodney

12/5/04:  Karen, I like how you express (act) out the script.  Talk to you soon.  Rodney Smiley, Ink Tek

9/18/04:  Karen:  I loved your read.  Perfect!  Thank you so much for your help!  Gary Connolly, SoundSource Studios

9/19/04:  Hi Karen:  Thank you, I liked what I heard.  I would love to have you work on this project with us.  Wayne Cribb, CFE for kids, Inc., South Carolina

9/10/04:  Karen:  We would like to add you to our database of preferred linquists.  Kendra Collins, TransPerfect Translations

7/12/04:  Hi Karen:  We found your voice by coincidence in the Internet and felt it is very friendly and fresh...therefore highly suitable for this project!  Best regards, Ted

7/13/04: Hi Karen:  Thank you for this excellent sample of your voice and the speedy delivery! Cheers, Ted Loose, Sonic Art Productions, Germany

2003: "Karen is one of the great female voice over actors who can consistently deliver excellent work day in and day out.  The ease of emailing over scripts and obtaining high quality recordings in a matter of days (sometimes hours) is a huge asset.  Her creative range can be applied across various voices and tones.  If you need female voice over talent you should contact Karen."  Eric Mauriello

12/19/02:  Karen, I work with James Terry at Operand.  I'm managing the media elements of the Magic School Bus project.  The client, Houston Children's Museum and Scholastic has chosen you as the English Ms. Frizzle.  A Scholastic representative would like to sit in on the recording sesion to help direct, etc.  Thanks, Eric Mauriello, Vice President, Operand Corporation

4/30/01:  Dear Ms. Gerstman:  We like your audition and will review it with our client.  Michael Mann, Producer, Friar R and C, Phoenix, AZ

4/23/01: Dear Ms. Gerstman:  We will be sending on your audition.  Good work!  Miriam J. Peters, NY2CAPR

4/23/01:  Miss Gerstman:  Hello.  Thank you kindly for your online audition.  We appreciate your quick response and will review your audition with our colleagues.  With respect, Sun Kim

5/17/01:  Dear Karen Gerstman:  Thank you once again for a good audition online.  We enjoy the convenience and ease of your audition page.  S. Kim

5/20/01:  Dear Miss Gerstman:  We like this very much and will send it to our client for consideration. With respect, Sun Kim, Director, Sun Music Asean Arts of Thailand




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