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E-mail:  karengerstman@yahoo.com
    Website:  http://www.karengerstman.com

...a distinctive, natural voice, full of warmth and elegance with a quirky, offbeat edge



Kemna Collision                                 TV                                  Michael Mahal, Producer/KRCG TV

Redsox.com/Mrs. Claus                       Radio                             Daniel Rucci, Producer/Director, CTP Boston

Bellia Stride Rite ("Happy Feet")          Cable (:30)                     Gerard Ascolese, Producer, ASAP Multimedia

                                                        To view:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkeKemw20wI

Females in Training (Wilson Fitness)     TV (:30)                         Michael Mahal, Producer/KRCG13-JC, Missouri

Diabetes PSA                                      PSA Line                        Mark Holleran, Producer, Holleran Media Prod.

Billie's Black Restaurant                       Web Commercial/2min.   Fredy Mfuko, Producer

                                                      To view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkqB4YMWixg                      

Story Logic's "Jungle Animals"              Radio/TV (:60)                Smart Neurons, Sapna Ganeshan            

Lovari Promo                                     Radio (:60)                     Anthony Lovari, NYC

Virginia Tobacco Settlement Found.     TV/Teacher ("Frog")         Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation/VTSF

Artisan Park/"35ish y/o woman"           Radio (:30)                     TJC Productions, LLC, Duke Clement

Houston Engineers Week Promo           Movie Promos                 Station Break Productions, S. Meyers         

Mercedes of Larchmont                       Cable (:30)                    Station Break Productions, Stephen Meyers 

Maria Gardens Center                          Cable (:30)                     Perception Multimedia, Mark Stavnicky

cfeforkids.com Charity Event              Radio (:60)                      CFE for Kids, Inc.; McLeod Children's Hospital,

                                                                                             (Wayne Cribb)

Nytol                                                 Radio (:30)                     Jeff Meltzer Editorial Inc/Phantom Audio, NYC

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater     Radio (:30/:60)               Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre/Sony

                                                                                            Music Studios, NYC

Priority Healthcare                             Radio (:60)                    NPM Advertising/Superdupe Recording, NYC

Wild Orchid (RCA Records)                  National Radio (:60)        RCA Records/Nutmeg Recording, NYC



Various short narrations:                      Abra.com.br and Companhiaathletica.com.br, Tarciso Galli, producer,

                                                         Áudio e Vídeo multi idioma, Brazil  

Anowak:                                             Voice of young boy (Anowak) for animation, "The Adventurer", Gilles


Story Teller for Folktale iTextbook:       Narrator of 3 stories for a collection of children's folktales:  "Goldilocks

                                                          and the Three Bears", "The Crow and the Crock" and "The Old Woman &

                                                          Her Pig" for Monarch Media (Kelsey Williams)

Mae Wilson for "Wilson Watch":             VO for online educational animation for Capital One (Carl Puccio, Alpine


"Time of the Empress" Art Installation:   VO Role:  Massage Therapist for Art Installation Project by Anthony Aziz

                                                          and Sammy Cucher (www.azizcucher.net)

Child Narrator:                                     For "The Tiniez BIG Cookbook" with tons of recipes that children can

                                                          enjoy preparing.  The audio version of the cookbook will be available

                                                          soon on itunes.  Check out www.tiniez.com for the online version!  The

                                                          cookbook was written by Meital Soulam.

Clayton Cottontail, Sean Preston,           For animation "Eddie The Disgruntled Reindeer: Pulp Friction",

Waiter 1, Elf Guard Gary, Na'vi Male:     Created by Michael Moore, Jr.; Written & Developed by Michael

                                                          Moore, Jr., Shawn K. Alexander & Jeff Wynn.  Hilarious webisodes

                                                          coming soon to Facebook!  "Get ready to be buck'd"!  Brought to you by

                                                          Gruntled Entertainment LLC

Video Narrations:                                 Visiting Nurse Service of New York videos (Titles), Von Harris of RVH

                                                          Films; Looking for Lucretia" is a new media project by Leigh Wells that

                                                          brings a painting to life; Narration for video documentary on the effects

                                                          of breathing in second-hand smoke in casinos, Robert Zlotnick, Ph.D.,

                                                          CPS, Executive Director, Atlantic Prevention Resources/APR                  

Biofuels Video Presentation:                  For Honeywell Technology, (Suite Spot NYC)

Audiobook Narration:                            Narration of three (3) cases (Fr. Thomas F. Shea, Fr. John A. Cannon,

                                                           Fr. Michael C. Bolesta) for "The Philadelphia Report Audiobook", the

                                                           Philadelphia Grand Jury Report into allegations of Clergy sexual abuse

                                                           in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (Cherry Hill Publishing, Rick Roane)

                                                           Now available at www.cherryhillpublishing.com, www.amazon.com, or


Voice of 4 Female Dogs:                         Snuggie for Dogs testimonials (Ernie Schultz, ESA Entertainment). 

(Roxie, Zabby, Bailey & Pollyanna)          View at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjvXbdety8UAlso see cute

                                                           Snuggie video, Diesel and Pugsley with their Snuggie for Dogs

                                                           (I'm the voice of female dog, Roxie, in the dog park) at


British/English Narration:                       2010 Reality show, "The Pursuit of  Fortune" (J.R. Rockefeller/

                                                           Artist Exposure).  View at www.youtube.com/user/jrrockefeller or


Voice Sampling Project:                         For development of Nintendo Software Recognition Program

                                                           (TK Digital) 

CVR Narration:                                      ASL Computer Voice Recognition Project for Bell Labs (Voice Factory


Video Narration  (British/English):           Slymagazine (Ruby Charles)

Website Narration:                                KPMG Webcast, Sue Kraft Sculptures (Hot Media); see,

                                                           www.suekraftwildlifesculptures.com, (scroll to "Creative" button at

                                                            at the bottom of screen, click on thumbprint photos - Research, Clay,

                                                            Wood, Paint, Metal); Pickaride.com/Michael Habashy, Sepia Green,Inc.

                                                            (Maya Jones)

Onholds/Voicemails:                               American Pegasus (Jennifer Louey); Itex Corporation (Izzy Garcia);

                                                            Artisian Designs, (Rocco Cerullo, President);  Malika's International

                                                            Dance School

Onhold/Voicemail (British/English):         YRB Magazine/Tajhia); Industry Model Management/Victoria Beltran;

                                                            Pickaride.com (Michael Habashy); Fsall Selective LLC, NYC (Fatou

                                                            Fsall); 2Afrika, Inc. (On The Air Studios, NYC) 

11 y/o Amanda:                                     Short animated film "Standing Over Cancer" by Chris Carbone

Voice of "Anna", the Brown Pelican:         For K-4th grade interactive CD to educate children & teachers about

  (12 y/o Southern Belle)                        wetland loss issues in Louisiana (USGS-Nat'l Wetlands Research Ctr)

Voice of 30 Characters Plus Narrator:       Story Logic Series by Smart Neurons are educational software products for preschoolers (3-6 y/o).  Story Logic's "Jungle Animals" was awarded CD of the Year by "Creative Child Magazine" in 2006 and has been endorsed by the Dove Foundation.  Story Logic's "Autos Train Helicopter" has been awarded CD of the Year by "Creative Child Magazine" in 2007! For samples see:   http://www.smartneurons.com/product_demos.asp          

Voice of 8 y/o British/English girl:           For an ESL computer-based training project  (SoundSource Studios)

Voice of Dispatcher & Mischievous Boys:   For short animated film, "Stroke of Sin" by Dan Forgione

Voice of 60-70 y/o woman:                     Promotional and sales support video for Braun Corporation 2004/Entervan (PentaVision Communications, Inc.)

Voice (English) of AMs. Frizzle@:              Museum exhibit:  Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm (The Children=s Museum of Houston, Texas and Liberty Science Center, New Jersey; The Children's Museum of Manhattan, NYC-2005) - Operand Corporation/Scholastic/Kaiser Recording (Bruce Kaiser);

                                                            RadioWAVE (KWAV 90.7 FM): Intros & sweeps; authored AYou=re listening to RadioWAVE at 90.7 FM where the waves are just right! - Colorado Radio Station (Internet)

Spokesperson for MOD:                           MyOnlineDemo.com (MOD promo video) - Depaul Productions, NY

MOD "Listen@ Button:                             Recordings: AICP (Association for Independent Commercial Producers); Be Prepared; and ATax Tips for Entertainers; Shellen Lubin Articles:  The Personal Growth of an Artist; AConstructing a Meaningful and Satisfying Life in the Arts (Internet)



Elder Mistreatment Video                       Nurse                            Elisa Guarino, Producer (NYU)

On the Brink of Jesus (Inde Film)            Janis - Reporter              Sevi Regis Movie

Passover at the Wellmans (Industrial)*     Principle Role:  Helen     Magder Film (Ricky Magder, Director)

                               *(To view trailer, see:  http://www.afikimfoundation.org/wellmans/)

                                  Also see, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgY28dwmbUw

Across The Universe                             Pedestrian/Bus woman    Julie Taymor Project

Just My Luck                                        Commuter                      Lady Luck Productions                

Flannel Pajamas                                   Theatregoer                    Flannel Pajamas Productions

Game 6                                               Theatregoer                   Game 6 Productions

The Interpreter                                    Liechtenstein Diplomat    Universal Pictures (Sydney Pollack, Director)

The Stepford Wives                              Power Professional         Paramount Pictures



Flight of the Conchords/HBO                  S2; Epis. 14:"New Cup"    Woman #1                   Dakota Pictures

Sit Down With Judge Gumba (Pilot)         "I Missed My Prom"          Debbie Smith (Def't.)   Lonnie Klein/Jill Steir

Love Letters                                          Pilot                            Janine                          KandoKids/Kennedy

Law & Order (2005-6)                             Episode 4: Bible Story    Gallery/Arraignment     Wolf/Universal

Parco's Watching                                    Internet Game               Party Person                Courtroom TV Ntwk

Robin Quivers Show                                Pilot                             Audience Member        Sony /Entrada Prod.

Marie Lopez Show                                  Pilot                             Audience Member        Sony /Entrada Prod.

Law & Order:Trial By Jury  (SVU)             SVU Finale:  Day            Spectator/Night Ct DA  Wolf/Universal

Law & Order:Trial By Jury                       Episode 7:  Vigilante      Upscale Spectator        Wolf/Universal



Dell Computer

Mirapex/Boehringer Ingelheim                Lunch/Dinner Guest        Susan Shaughnessy, SKS Productions   

                                                                                               John Wilkes Studio, Photographer

TOEFL Test Preparation Book                 College Professor            Cambridge Univ. Press/Kathleen O'Reilly

                                                                                               Frank Veronsky, Photographer 


Voice-Over training:                                          "Boy Voices" and "Voices With Character" with Kevin Delaney; Melody Jones; Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins; Nancy Wolfson of Braintracks Audio

Copy Reading Workshops:                                  David Goldberg, Director, Edge Studio, NYC

Voice-Over Workshops:                                     Cynthia Adler, Stella Adler Studios, NYC

Advanced Voice-Over Workshops:                       Voice-Overs Unlimited, NYC

                                                                       Marla Kirban at TVI Actors Studios, NYC

                                                                       Alice Elliot (NYU) at A&J Recording Studio, NYC

Character/Cartoon Workshops:                           Pamela Lewis, NYC ("Talking Funny For Money")

Berkley Productions, NYC:                                  Susan Berkley (Voice-Over)

                                                                       Ron Knight (Advanced Voice-Over)

                                                                       Rose Tamberino (Diction)



Audition Technique (Scott Powers Studios):         Jenevieve Brewer (About Face Models)

Ron Millkie Workshop:                                        Success in Soap Operas, Film and T.V. Commercials, NYC

Advanced On-Camera Commercial Class:              Casting Director, Barry Shapiro, Creative Acting Co.,  NYC

Basic On-Camera Commercial Class:                    Gus Waite, Creative Acting Company, NYC



Accents include North American/English, New Yawk, British/English, "cartoon" Indian, cartoon Russian, generic

Southern, generic Irish, character voices; vocal age range 5 years and up; great rapport with children and

animals (within reason, of course); former legal secretary (medical malpractice/personal injury defense);

paralegal; type like the wind; dictaphone; hearing impaired



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